Vlambeer's Luftrausers flies to PC and consoles

Two-person studio Vlambeer has made a name for itself with tight arcade-y games like Super Crate Box, Radical Fishing and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, and it seems set to continue that streak across PC and consoles with Luftrausers. The sequel to free 2D dogfight 'em up Luftrauser sends you into the skies in a plane of your own design to destroy oodles of enemy planes and ships, just because they're naughty.

To get a feel for how Luftrausers will likely play, fire up the original Luftrauser in your browser for free and marvel at the joys of free-falling as you spin in mid-air to blast the great snot of bogeys on your tail. Then imagine dozens of missions, customisable ships and other newness, and you may be about there.

Luftrausers packs 125 combinations of plane bodies, weapons and propulsion systems, which each also affect the soundtrack from DJ Kozilek. Vlambeer has also called up its pals Paul Veer and Roy Nathan De Groot for that oh so shiny pixel art.

Luftrausers is scheduled to land on PC and Mac in "late 2012," published by Devolver Digital. It'll taxi onto unspecified consoles in 2013.

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