The Walking Dead episode 3 out today

The trouble with a tense story-telling experience like Telltale's Walking Dead series is waiting for more of the story to be told--particularly if you sped through the first two episodes marathon-style when they went up on PlayStation Plus. If you've been craving more impossible decisions and social politics peppered with zombies, good news. The third episode, Long Road Ahead, starts to roll out today.

The Telltale blog announced that the third episode will hit the PlayStation Network today, and on PC and Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow. As usual, the episode will cost $4.99.

If you're playing on iOS, you'll get the second episode (Starved for Help) on Wednesday instead. It will also cost $4.99, or you can buy a bundle that includes episodes 2-5 for $14.99.

The third episode focuses on Lee's group moving out from the safety of the motel, as more friendships are tested amidst the drama of a zombie apocalypse.

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