State of Decay trailer shows zombie sandbox

"The world doesn't need more dragons," Undead Labs boldly declared back in 2009 when it announced an open-world zombie sandbox codenamed 'Class3.' Even then, it seemed a little short-sighted. One zombie craze later, the studio founded by Blizzard veteran and ArenaNet co-founder Jeff Strain is showing off the rotting fruits of their labour, now named State of Decay and coming to PC and Xbox 360.

Somewhat like DayZ, you'll need to scavenge for food, water, fuel, and ammunition, and can fortify places to fend off the zombie hordes. Unlike that hardcore sim, though, if your sneaking and hiding doesn't work out, you've got the weapons and drop kicks to send them back to their graves. Perhaps think of it as Zombieland to DayZ's Night of the Living Dead.

"Wasn't Class3 meant to be an MMO?" you may ask. Undead Labs is making State of Decay as a single-player game, then plans to use that as a foundation for building 'Class4,' a full-on MMO.

Rather than relying on other players, you'll be able to recruit NPC survivors to your group, with different skills to cover your own weaknesses. As the game world progresses even when you're not playing, it'll be nice to have them still toiling away. If they die, though, they're gone for good--as is your main character. You can switch between people whenever you like, mind.

Publisher Microsoft Studios is keeping quiet about a release date. Check the official site for more, including info on character development and vehicles.