Gravity Bone sequel Thirty Flights of Loving released

Most video game stories think we're idiots. Every beat must be explained in tedious detail without a shred of ambiguity; every spaceship engine and magical sword given an elaborate history; every character emoting loudly and spewing drivel. You're partially to blame, right, but it's okay.

What I'm trying to say is, you should play Blendo Games' Thirty Flights of Loving, which has none of that cruft and nonsense but tells a delightful story in an awfully exciting way. Blendo launched the sequel to its splendid Gravity Bone for PC last night, so hop to it.

The "first-person short story" tells of an unfolding criminal caper while flashing back to reveal a little of your history with your gang members. In 15 minutes, without a single line of dialogue. It's made of snappy vignettes which reveal a little, hint at a lot more, and keep powering onwards. Because you're not stupid and are capable of inference, see. Like Gravity Bone, it has some cheeky and clever fun with FPS conventions too.

Thirty Flights of Loving was first released in July as a Kickstarter reward for the podcast Idle Thumbs, but now it's on sale for everyone--minus the exclusive Jeff Goldblum mode. You can nab it direct from Blendo for $5 or on Steam for $4.49, thanks to a launch week discount.

"But that's 33¢ per minute!" you might splutter if you're terrible, in which case you are terrible.