Double Fine Happy Action Theater sequel revealed

Dubstep is the new zombies. Just as those shambling corpses were exciting in video games, then a bit tedious, next horribly over-used, before being redeemed by DayZ and The Walking Dead, so Double Fine Productions has saved dubstep from its dark path in the sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater. Revealed on Friday, the yet-unnamed follow-up brings new toys including building then smashing castles, faeries, and the most amazing video game dubstep sequence you've ever seen.

A veritable mob of Double Finers, including producer Greg Rice, technical artist Drew Skillman, and Shacknews alumnus Chris Remo, showed the game off to Giant Bomb on Friday.

As you'd expect, it introduces a whole load of strange and wonderful new curiosities to play with, with no particular goal. One mode lets you build castles with a wave of your arm, then demolish them a few seconds later as a dragon which breaths fire when you yell. Another simply lets you dress up in daft costumes, with a Minecraft cameo. And then there's the dubstep, which you can skip right to.

As a bonus, if you own the original, its games will be unlocked in the sequel so you don't need to faff around quitting and loading games to play an old favorite.

Double Fine is looking to release the sequel this year. It'll be playable at PAX in September.