Battlefield 3 Premium Edition announced

Battlefield 3 isn't the easiest game for unsuspecting shooting fans to get into right now, as they'll be expected off the bat to cough up big bucks for DLC packs so they have all the maps and modes, and will be facing players will all the shinies unlocked. So EA has very kindly announced the BF3 Premium Edition, which includes the base game, a Premium subscription for all the DLC, and a selection of instant unlocks at a reasonable discount.

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition will launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September at $70. Given that BF3 costs $40 now and Premium is $50, it's a fair saving.

EA also used its Gamescom press conference to give the first glimpses of the December-due Aftermath add-on in a trailer for BF3 Premium Edition. We'll show that to you once EA shares it. EA also revealed that the End Game pack will add motorcycles.

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