Spec Ops dev 'regrets' having achievements on choices, says sales are low

While Yager's decision to take 2K's Spec Ops series into psychological territory was commendable, there's one feature that irked many gamers the wrong way: achievements. After making a crucial decision in the game, the gravity of your actions was immediately negated by the all-too familiar bleep-bloop. An achievement would pop up, essentially rewarding you for some of the atrocities you might have committed.

It's a decision that lead designer Jorg Friedrich wishes he could take back. Speaking at GDC Europe, he admitted: "I really regret that we had achievements on moral choices."

The studio is currently working on a new "large project," according to Joystiq. However, it's unlikely to be another Spec Ops game, given that the sales figures don't "look too great" by Freidrich's admission. It's likely his team's next game will continue emphasizing emotional impact during gameplay--hopefully without the tasteless Gamerscore interruptions.