Europa Universalis IV unveiled

Paradox Interactive has been hinting at a new strategy title under the moniker of "Project Truman," but it finally unveiled the real game, Europa Universalis IV, the next installment in the popular grand strategy franchise.

Paradox Development Studio Manager Johan Andersson told StrategyInformer that a new game in the series had to "feel right," especially since the last game came out in 2007. The studio learned from what it had done in previous games and also borrowed a few ideas from Crusade Kings 2, another "grand strategy" game by Paradox.

"Another feature we've done is the concept of letting the ability of the ruler matter much more in what you do," he said. "We've taken a fair amount of inspiration from CK2, and want to create the concept of ebb and flow in the game play. Who is your monarch should matter a lot ... A Peter the Great should be a great period for your nation."

Other features include a better looking map, improved tutorial and better trade routes. The game is not expected to come out until sometime next year, but will be shown at GamesCom later this month.