Two key Bioshock Infinite devs leave Irrational

BioShock Infinite has had its share of hiccups during development, forcing its release date back to 2013. But now, two key members of the development team have left Irrational Games, possibly throwing the game into even more uncertainty.

Art director Nate Wells and Director of Product Development Tim Gerritsen have left the developer, according to Gamasutra, and Wells confirmed the departure with a brief tweet (since deleted) saying he had a new job and details would be coming soon. Irrational head honcho Ken Levine didn't let too much time pass before announcing via Twitter that Scott Sinclair, art director on the original BioShock, would be taking over for Wells.

There is less info on Gerritsen's departure, other than his LinkedIn page listing that he left Irrational this month.