Resident Evil 6's Ada Wong campaign detailed

With Resident Evil 6's new Agent Hunt mode out of the bag, Capcom has shared more details regarding the less publicized announcement that Ada Wong will be a playable character in the game. She'll be unlocked after finishing the stories of Leon, Chris, and Jake, and her story will shed light.

Famitsu (via Kotaku) reports that Ada's scenario will be mostly solo, unlike the other stories that tend to involve partners. Occasionally she'll intersect with Leon or Helena from the main story. Her crossbow will be able to pin enemies to walls, or hook her to locations a la The Legend of Zelda.

Regarding the Agent Hunt mode, director Eiichiro Sasaki says Agents should be able to handle themselves. "It's balanced so that in a one-on-one, agents will most likely win." he said. "The point of this mode is to enjoy the game as the role of an ‘enemy,' not ‘competition.'"