Resident Evil 6 'Agent Hunt' detailed

The Resident Evil series has racked up a pretty high zombie body count, but Resident Evil 6 will let you take up the undead mantle and even the score a bit. The game will feature an "Agent Hunt" mode, which lets players step into a randomized creature and go after human players.

Famitsu Magazine (via Andriasang) reports that once you've cleared the game, you can set some stages to "Agent Hunt." That means online players can be tossed into your game as creatures. You'll get an alert that this has happened, but you'll get no indication which creature is a player. Presumably that means you'll have an option to inject yourself into strangers' games as well. It will also support voice chat, so monsters can coordinate together.

Meanwhile, Siliconera reports that Ada Wong will be playable in the game, after completing Chris, Leon, and Jake's missions. She uses a crossbow and bombs to exact sweet zombie justice.