Free old-school FPS Warsow finally hits v1.0

They don't make them like they used to, do they? The frenetic model of FPS epitomised by Quake 3: Arena is very much out of vogue at the moment, while we trudge through grey military shooter after grey military shooter, but it's not forgotten. After seven years of beta versions, free throwback FPS Warsow has finally been declared stable and hit version 1.0, bringing rocket-jumping back.

Warsow offers the fast-paced, rocket-jumping, bunny-hopping deathmatch fun we're so sorely lacking nowadays, built upon a jazzed-up version of the wonderful Quake 2 engine. And for people who insist their hardcore FPSs look as low-fidelity as possible, it even comes with options to turn every surface into flat colours of your choosing.

You can nab the 500MB-ish download from Shacknews in Windows and Linux and Mac flavours.

Hit the official site for more information but look, see, it's like this: