MineCon 2012 held at Disneyland Paris

Minecraft developer Mojang had said that its second dig 'em up shindig would be held in Europe, following its debut in Las Vegas last year. Today it announced MineCon 2012's location, which turns out to be just about the most American place in Europe imaginable--Disneyland Paris.

MineCon 2012 will take place on November 24-25 in that thrilling yet eerie simulacrum of the American imagination. Mojang says that it has sorted out an "amazing" hotel rate and will open registration for rooms and tickets in the next fortnight, so keep an eye out for that.

While there's no word on exactly what'll happen there, we can most probably expect to see Mojang's digital card game Scrolls, Notch's spaceship sim 0x10c, and Oxeye Game Studio's Cobalt, which Mojang is publishing. Then, you know, other stuff.

Here's the announcement trailer, showing how Mickey-mad Mojang's gone: