Modders making multiplayer Slender: Source

The creepy indie game Slender is getting a Source-based facelift, complete with multiplayer. A modding team has taken it upon themselves to make Slender: Source, a revised version of the original with prettier visuals. The game is still in a rough phase right now, but the promises are intriguing.

The ModDB group (via Kotaku) says that the four-player mode is what sets their game apart. "Four players will be playing as teenagers who are sent out on a dare to try and find/discover the myth behind the Slenderman," reads the site. "The game will then thrust these players into a variety of environments where they must find 15 dolls (which resemble creepy children) and collect them without being killed by the Slenderman. There is no combat, and no way to defend yourself."

So while you have no tools with which to defend yourself, the Slenderman is extremely deadly and can kill in one hit. The modders plan to start with two maps, to take 30 minutes each, but they hope to build eight maps in all.