Ice-Pick Kickstarting monstrous hide-and-seek

Ice-Pick Lodge, the Russian developer behind wonderful oddities Pathologic and The Void, has turned to Kickstarter to fund its next project. No, no, before you look away, they only want $30,000 and it's to make a gruesome game of hide-and-seek in a house overrun with ghosts and ghoulies.

Knock-Knock challenges players to survive a night in an eerie house within a dark forest, into which unwanted and unpleasant "Visitors" creep. You can patch their entrances up and briefly scare the nasties away, but this won't hold so you'll be always on the move.

Should Ice-Pick pass its very modest $30,000 goal, it'll expand the game. Plans include more monsters, pet cats and dogs, and a trip into the forest.

Head on over to Kickstarter to chip in. Pledging at least $5 will get you a free digital copy of the game for PC or Mac when it launches.

Here's the pitch video, and Ice-Pick has put together a little gameplay trailer too: