RI governor refutes 38 Studios' claim he scared investors

38 Studios founder Curt Schilling may be "tapped out," but Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee isn't easing up on the former ball player. He recently told local reporters that time and examination will show that he is not responsible for the collapse of the company, and he says he wants "to get every taxpayer dollar back that we possibly can."

Schilling has previously said that Chafee scared off investors with comments about company solvency, which led to its demise. But the AP (via ESPN) reports that Chafee told reporters, "In the end, I'll be vindicated."

Chafee was not the governor when the $75 million loan guarantee was made to 38 Studios, and he has stressed that he was not in favor of the move. 38 Studios did make a late payment on the loan, before filing for bankruptcy and sparking a federal investigation. On top of its other problems, 38 Studios is now being sued by one bank over its loan debt.