Lords of Shadow dev has 'no intention' on continuing Castlevania

Developer MercurySteam's gritty take on the Castlevania franchise proved to be a tremendous success for Konami. According to the publisher, Lords of Shadow is the most successful Castlevania game ever. But, MercurySteam is keen on ending the series on a high note, with Lords of Shadow 2 concluding not only the trilogy, but their involvement with the franchise.

"Our intention is to tell our story and then move on to other things," producer David Cox said. "We have no intention of milking the series any further than that."

"We have a very interesting tale to tell--a story about Dracula. Our intention was to tackle the story from his perspective and give players an angle on his viewpoint," Cox explained to Game Informer. "I believe that any story worth telling should have a satisfying ending. This one has exactly that, and once its told I hope our audience will enjoy the saga as a unique and interesting take on the Castlevania mythology."

Once Lords of Shadow 2 is complete, what will be next for MercurySteam? Well, Cox has already said they'd be interested in rebooting another one of Konami's classic franchises: Contra.

Should MercurySteam move past Castlevania, what will happen to Konami's revered vampire franchise? Cox hopes that Konami will pass the franchise to another team, perhaps with yet another reboot for the series. "I hope others will take up the challenge and bring their vision to the series, too so that Castlevania will never die for future generations to come."