MechWarrior Online heats up in Caustic Valley

Just as MechWarrior Online boasts an icy map where the cold messes with your mech, so it's also getting a roasty-toasty level with hazardous heat. A gold star to all of you who guessed this one. Developer Piranha Games is showing the free-to-play PC mech sim's latest level, Caustic Valley, off in a new trailer.

The steamy battleground will cause your mech to heat up faster and cool down slower, so you may want to swap those dual PPCs out for some nice, cold, friendly ballistic weapons. Or break out a flamethrower to light the enemy up and screw with them even more.

The heat haze also messes with your mech's thermal vision, and canny players can hide by particularly hot pieces of equipment from the industrial refinery you're warring around.

MechWarrior Online rides out later this year.

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