Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings is a PC free-to-play deathmatch

Demiurge Studios is getting into the free-to-play game with Shoot Man Robots: Arena Kings, a standalone online spinoff of the 2D action game.

"We're taking our favorite parts of Shoot Many Robots and stirring in PvP competition and gameplay that's constantly evolving," lead designer Will Jennings said in a press release. As with other F2P games, Arena Kings promises regular content updates "based on feedback received directly from players."

While the announcement doesn't detail how the game will be monetized, it seems likely that gear will make up much of the game's economy. Arena Kings promises to have "the zany gear from Shoot Many Robots," and it's likely some of the wackier items will be for-pay.

The game is currently in closed beta. Players interested in joining the beta test can join up at Demiurge's website. Keys will be distributed on a weekly basis.