Origin client 9.0 revamps UI

The Origin client was in a sorry state when EA relaunched its digital distribution platform, especially compared to the mighty Steam, but it has been improving. Thirteen months later, client version 9.0 is coming, and what can we expect from this revision? User interface changes, mostly. "Your suggestions and feedback over the past few months have driven many of the changes you'll see in Origin 9.0," EA explains in a blog post. Lots of people asked for a UI makeover, it seems. Regular drop-down menus have now been added, replacing the unhelpful buttons. The friends list can be moved around or closed. The in-game overlay now features a clock, for time-keeping purposes. You can also resize the bafflingly-large box art in the library. EA notes that it has "improved the overall performance of the client" too. Origin 9.0 is due "in the coming days." You can give it a bash now by opening up the Settings menu, scrolling down to the "Origin Pre-Release Participation" section, and ticking the "Update to pre-release version if available" box.

One friends list, to go