The Secret World July update detailed

Funcom has said that The Secret World won't be going free-to-play any time soon. So what does your money get you? July 31st will bring the launch of TSW's first monthly 'Issue' update, with new investigation missions, an auction house, and other jazz.

Issue #1 will bring seven new missions in various corners of the world, some based on poking around and others more violent. You'll get to find out what a bestselling author was up to on Solomon Island, poke around the Innsmouth Academy, uncover a strange Soviet genetics project, and have other strange and wonderful jollies.

Funcom's also added Nightmare modes for the 'Hell Fallen' and 'The Ankh' dungeons, if you want more of a challenge. And the marketplace is, you know, an auction house, to sell and buy stuff.

Our Ozzie's been playing The Secret World, so check out what he makes of it.