QuakeCon 2012 tournaments announced

We've been waiting for the schedule for QuakeCon 2012 to make an appearance, and finally some tidbits are showing up. Bethesda has revealed four tournaments and $30,000 in prize money for attendees who wish to participate at the event on August 2-5 in Dallas.

The tournament rundown:

  • The QUAKE LIVE Duel Invitational Masters: A hand-selected group of 32 of the best professional players will go one-on-one for $20,000 in a single elimination bracket, with each match played in a best-of-three-games format. Once final two survivors will go head-to-head in a single elimination, best-of-five-games throw-down with a $9,000 first-prize at stake. Arenas will be Aerowalk, Blood Run, Furious Heights, Lost World, and Toxicity.

  • The Intel QUAKE LIVE Open Capture the Flag: It's a 4v4 format for up to eight teams vying for $7,000. Format is double elination, best of three. The final will be best of five, with the winning team taking home $4,000. Arenas will be Ironworks, Japanese Castles, Reflux, and Spider Crossings, and Stonekeep.

  • The Intel QUAKE LIVE Duel Open: This is for 64 up-and-coming players with a $2,000 in total prizes. Format is single elimination best of three, with the winner getting $1,000. Arenas will be Battleforged, Campgrounds, Hektik, House of Decay, and Phrantic.

  • The Intel QUAKE LIVE Random Draw Free For All: There will be a free play booth where eight participants will be chosen at random from the crowd to participate in a best-of-one, five minute FFA challenge. The winner will get $100. There will be 10 of these matches throughout the course of the convention. Maps will be randomly chosen from Almost Lost, Asylum, Campgrounds, Cliffside, Devilish, Leviathan, Longest Yard, Quarantine, Retribution, and Trinity.

Bethesda plans to announce more of the schedule as things get confirmed, including game play sessions and panel discussions, and the usual appearance by id icon John Carmack.