Marvel's Hit-Monkey may be High Moon's next game

A monkey imitating the behavior of hitman? Its a cool concept that Marvel played up with the Hit-Monkey comic series that launched in February 2010. Now a teaser site at (since taken down) suggests that the gun-toting soulful simian may be the new game being announced by High Moon Studios at the San Diego Comic-Con later this week.

The site (via Game Informer) sported the logos for High Moon, Activision and Marvel, but nothing else was revealed aside from the teaser image and a 2013 release date. High Moon and Activision were planning to announce something related to Marvel video games at Comic-Con, so the pieces fit.

By all accounts, High Moon's upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, coming August 21, looks like it may be a hit, it stands to reason the studio might do well with a new comic franchise revolving around another type of hit.