Max Payne 3 'Local Justice' maps detailed

Max Payne 3 is getting a shot in the arm of its multiplayer tomorrow with a new downloadable content pack. The Local Justice pack is coming to consoles for $5.99 (480 MSP), but it won't be available on PC until July 17. Rockstar detailed the new set of maps, complete with actual, literal maps, so you can start planning your slow-mo strategies.

The peek is up on the Rockstar Blog, showing off the Imperial Palace, Departure Lounge, and 55th Battalion HQ. All of them are playable in Payne Killer, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch modes, but only the 55th HQ lets you play Gang Wars mode as well.

The maps seem like a pretty eclectic bunch. The Imperial Palace is full of tight corridors for fast-paced play. The Departure Lounge includes plenty of cover through kiosks and vending machines. And the 55th Battalion HQ a large bi-level map for getting the drop on enemies. The pack will also include a new weapon, a new item, and a new multiplayer faction. As previously reported, the $5.99 price is only available during launch week, after which it will rise to $7.99 (640 MSP).