Ni no Kuni: Wizard's Edition announced, is $100

Level-5's gorgeous PS3-exclusive RPG, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, is one of my most anticipated games. I have a soft spot for pretty cel-shaded games--but a pretty cel-shaded Studio Ghibli game? Where do I sign up?

There must be other like-minded individuals. So of course, publisher Namco Bandai is readying a collector's edition to drain our wallets.

The "Wizard's Edition" of Ni no Kuni will be available on January 22nd, alongside the regular edition of the game. With a $100 price tag, this limited edition includes a 300+ page hardcover copy of the Wizard's Companion, the spell book Oliver uses throughout his journey. The book includes a bestiary of all the creatures found in the game, as well as descriptions of items, spell, and history. The Wizard's Edition also includes a plush doll of Drippy, Oliver's animated companion. There will also be DLC goodies as well: "golden mite" and "golden drongo" familiars. (We'll let you know what that means after reading the Wizard's Companion.)

Pre-orders of the Wizard's Edition are now available at Namco Bandai's online store.