The Secret World early access starts today

Early access to the MMO The Secret World has opened today, letting those who pre-ordered jump in sooner than later. If you aren't a member of that exclusive club, you can still pre-order before the proper July 3 launch date and get in early.

A brief beta test just ended, but if you didn't make it into that and want to pay your way into the game you can now. The MMO market is a bit overstuffed lately, but developer Funcom is hoping that a modern world with a clever mythical hook will attract players where various others have fallen short.

"With 'The Secret World' we are showing gamers as well as the gaming industry that MMOs can be taken into new, exciting directions and that innovation in this genre is definitely not dead," said Funcom SVP of marketing Morten Larssen. "Judging from the fantastic feedback we have already received from hundreds of thousands of beta testers, innovation is clearly the way forward and Funcom is excited to be breaking new ground."