Pokemon Black & White V2 dated for October

Pokémaniacs, get your calendars out and draw a big circle around October 7. That's the day revamped Poké 'em ups Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 will launch for DS, Nintendo announced today, as well as 3DS augmented reality tie-in Pokémon Dream Radar.

Black & White V2 are set two years after the originals, adding new areas including Virbank City, more Pokémon and, ah, a movie studio. Yes, you and your pocket monsters can star in films, picking scripts and showing off your moves to wow audiences. Poor over-worked Pokémon.

You can get extra Pokémon in B&W V2 by playing Dream Radar, where you capture the critters from the world around you. Nintendo hasn't confirmed how much this eShop download will cost.

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