Zynga announces The Ville, ChefVille, and FarmVille 2

Today, one of the world's biggest game publishers announced not one, but three extensions of one of the biggest gaming franchises ever. Yep, we're getting a whole lot of Ville games from Zynga.

The Ville is one of the biggest announcements from the company--a game so important it doesn't need a prefix. In this Facebook game, you'll be able to "create the home of your dreams," "choose your own career," and socialize with friends. It looks a lot like The Sims Social.

Next up is ChefVille, a restaurant simulation game which allows players to create and customize their own virtual restaurants. Intriguingly, you'll be able to "earn real recipes to use" by playing the game.

Finally, there's FarmVille 2. Little is known about this sequel, but The Verge reports that it appears to be much like the original, "only with improved visuals and animation."