RPG Rainbow Moon coming to PSN on July 10

The isometric strategy-RPG Rainbow Moon will hit on July 10, developer SideQuest Studios has announced. It will cost $14.99, but PlayStation Plus subscribers can snag it with a 20% discount for the first two weeks after launch. The developer has touted it as a full-fledged RPG, with a 30-hour story mode and over 100 hours if you want to finish all the sidequests and fully level-up.

The PlayStation.Blog revealed the price and date, and also details the leveling system. It includes standard experience points like you'd expect from an RPG, but you also earn "Rainbow Pearls." You can trade these in for increased character attributes on top of your regular stat increases. The blog also teases a crafting system.

Developer replies in the comments suggest that a Vita version is "under evaluation," but it warns that a port would take time. A demo is planned for the game, but it will not hit the PSN until a few weeks after release.