New video game releases of 6/18-6/23

Next week is a busy one for new releases. We'll see the launch of LEGO Batman 2, Civilization V's expansion Gods & Kings, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, our annual Magic: The Gathering, and Portal co-creator Kim Swift's new puzzler Quantum Conundrum.

Speaking of Portals, Gateways seems to be an eye-injuringly interesting attempt at a 2D portal 'em up with some tricky tricks up its sleeve. Also, do have a look at Roller Coaster Rampage, almost certainly the world's first "competitive rollercoaster simulator with destructive environments."

Though it hits PC next week, Quantum Conundrum isn't due on 360 and PS3 until later this summer.

Here's our list of next week's new releases:



Xbox 360


PlayStation 3




Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DS