Skyrim: Dawnguard beta invites going out; patch 1.6 hits PC

In a double-barrelled blast of Skyrim news, invites are now going out for the Xbox 360-exclusive beta test of the 'Dawnguard' DLC, while the patch which introduced mounted combat has now arrived on PC. Don't get too excited about your chances of getting into the beta, though.

"About 75% of our invites have gone out. The rest will go out tomorrow," Bethesda said on Twitter yesterday. So that's today. "With an overwhelming # of applicants, half of one percent received invites," it added.

If you're a PC player for whom this has no consequence, though, at least you have something new to play with in the meantime. Patch 1.6 landed on PC last night, bringing mounted combat along with gads of bug fixes. As ever, it'll update automatically through Steam.

As for when Dawnguard will properly launch, it's "tentatively" slated for an Xbox 360 release on June 26. What with the 30-day exclusivity period and all, it should be on PC and PS3 in July.