Wreck-It Ralph trailer is a retro game smorgasbord

We all love E3 and its bevy of new announcements and hands-on previews, but sometimes you just need to take a break and engage in some other form of media. Maybe take in a trip to the cinema to see the latest talkies. But video games infect every part of our culture now, including Disney's next animated feature: Wreck-It Ralph.

The first trailer for Wreck-It Ralph was released today, and it's as cute and well-animated as you'd expect. But the real surprise comes in the sheer number of video game references. Not knock-offs or look-alikes, mind you -- Zangief from the Street Fighter series actually introduces himself as Zangief, and he's one of a dozen or so references clear to anyone familiar with games. The trailer pokes fun at some cliches with less specificity too, but you can discover all those for yourself. Three minutes away from all the E3 news won't kill you.