Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC delayed again

The PC edition of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was already arriving later on PC than on consoles, where it launched on May 22, but now that three-week delay has been extended by another two. The new, and hopefully final, PC release date is June 26. And, as always, Ubisoft has given no explanation for this.

Sadly, it's become standard operating procedure for Ubisoft to casually delay PC versions on a whim. Whether it's due to piracy concerns, or perhaps extremely poor luck with last-minute bugs cropping up in every single last PC game it puts out, the publisher simply won't say.

While it's certainly nice that Ubisoft Paris is jazzing up its tactical shooter for PC with DirectX 11 support and other shiny graphical doodads, a little respect wouldn't go amiss.