Zombi U announced for Wii U

As part of its E3 2012 press briefing, Ubisoft announced a new game in the totally tapped area of zombie mayhem. Titled Zombi U, it's part of the company's line-up for Nintendo's new Wii U console. The short teaser-trailer didn't show any gameplay, but we may get some idea of the game from its roots.

The game Killer Freaks from Outer Space has been canceled, and some of its ideas have been brought into Zombi U. Judging from the trailer, though, this takes a darker tone than the B-movie feel of Killer Freaks. The name is a reference to Ubisoft's first game, simply titled Zombi.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. It has a slightly rogue-like quality in that you take on the role of a new survivor upon death, and you can track down and kill your zombie-fied old life to reclaim your items. The Wii U controller serves as the player's "Bug Out Bag," housing all of your tools for survival. Plus, it features a multiplayer mode in which the touch screen controller is the "Zombie Master," sending out the undead strategically to fight against a second player, who uses a Wii remote for a first-person shooter style game.

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