South Park: The Stick of Truth dated for March

Having announced a delay for South Park: The Stick of Truth only a few weeks ago, THQ coughed up a hefty wad of news on Obsidian's action-RPG today at E3. It'll arrive on March 5, 2013, then the first DLC packs will be timed-exclusives for Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 edition is clearly getting the most love and attention, no doubt helped by a small financial offering from Microsoft. It'll have Kinect voice recognition, so you can mock Cartman's large posterior and he'll supposedly respond. DLC is coming first to Xbox 360 too, getting the first three downloadable episodes exclusive for a while.

Then, on the pre-ordering front, Xbox 360 gets an exclusive bonus Mysterion Superhero Pack with new costumes, weapons and moves. This is in addition Players on PC and PlayStation 3 do still get a pack of goodies based upon kids' ninja alter-egos, though.

E3 screenshots are this-a-way, and here's the E3 trailer:

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