Miiverse connects Wii U, 3DS, PC, and mobile

When you launch your Wii U and log yourself into the Nintendo Network, you'll be greeted by Miiverse. It's a virtual space where your Mii can check on the status of others in your network: other Miis on your console, Miis you've friended, and Miis enjoying the same games as you. As with Near on Vita, you'll not only see what people are playing, but what they think of the game. It's a decidedly Nintendo approach to online social gaming. Miiverse will let players take screenshots from within games, and share them on the network. The service can also be integrated into Wii U games. For example, if you die in a Mario game, you can ask Miiverse friends for tips on how to pass the stage you're struggling with. Interestingly, the Miiverse won't just live on your Wii U. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata commented that it will be accessible on Nintendo's new home console, 3DS, and on PC and mobile. "Because the key components of Miiverse are browser-based, these social connections will be possible outside of your home, away from the Wii U itself," Iwata said. "We won't offer this immediately at launch, but later, Miiverse will be available from Nintendo 3DS, PC, or any web-enabled mobile device." We'll have much more on Miiverse and how it works this week at E3.

Miiverse being accessed on a phone