Mini Ninjas Adventures coming to Kinect

Square Enix's cute Mini Ninja series is back. However, this time it's coming exclusively to Kinect. Mini Ninjas Adventures is a Kinect-exclusive game for Xbox Live Arcade that will be available later this month, June 29th.

Given its ninja theme and Kinect compatibility, it's easy to predict what the game will be like. You'll have to use your body to swipe, kick, and battle your way to rescue your ninja master.


Players will be equipped with both physical and magic attacks, with combat controlled not only through your motions, but through your voice as well. In addition, there will be a series of mini-games that will "put your ninja skills to the test," obviously.

Mini Ninja Adventures will be priced at 800 points ($10). Unlike the original game, it's being developed by Side-kick Ltd. IO Interactive is working on Hitman Absolution instead.