Aliens: Colonial Marines gets CE, pre-order goodies

Aliens: Colonial Marines was recently delayed until Feb. 12, 2013, but to get over your disappointment, you can check out all the extra goodies in the just-announced Collector's Edition.

The $100 CE offers a laundry list of bonuses, highlighted by a "resin powerloader figurine in a Limited Edition Xeno Hive box."

Also included are in-game perks such as four playable characters from the movie (Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and Sergeant Apone), three new weapons (including Ripley's flamethrower), customization options, and a special game level accessing the USCM Academy firing range.

If you don't want to pay the extra cash for the CE, GameStop pre-orders will include much of the same stuff. You'll get the four playable movie characters, customization options, and Ripley's flamethrower.