Jet Set Radio making its way to Vita

We've known that the popular Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio was getting an HD remaster for Xbox 360 and PS3, but now Sega has revealed the game will be coming to Sony's handheld as well.

The cel-shaded experience on Vita should be the same as with the upcoming console and PC versions, Sega said in a release, but the Vita's touch screen should make it a bit more interesting to spray graffiti throughout Tokyo-to. The game is scheduled to be shown at E3 and released this summer.

Speaking to Shacknews, a Sega representative told us that there may be cross-platform functionality between the Vita and PS3 versions. "SEGA is looking into potential cross-play opportunities between the PSN and Vita versions of Jet Set Radio, and will be making an official announcement about the extent of this functionality soon."