Free Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack coming May 29

BioWare and Electronic Arts is continuing to expand the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3. Coming May 29th is a brand new DLC pack called "Rebellion," which adds more gear, more weapons, more maps, and more kits to the game's online offering. Best of all, it will be free for everyone that redeemed their Online Pass. New Maps
  • Firebase Jade
  • Firebase Goddess
New Weapons
  • Reegar Carbine Shotgun
  • Krysae Sniper Rifle
  • Cerberus Harrier Assault Rifle
New Characters
  • Vorcha Soldier
  • Vorcha Sentinel
  • Male Quarian Engineer
  • Male Quarian Infiltrator
  • Ex-Cerberus Vanguard
  • Ex-Cerberus Adept
This isn't the first free DLC BioWare has offered for the game. April's "Resurgence Pack" was also free for Online Pass users. Single player adventurers can look forward to the upcoming "Extended Cut" DLC, which BioWare plans on making free as well.

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion