Scourge: Outbreak bringing co-op shooting

Friends are okay, I guess. They demand your attention, take up your time, and somehow feel they're qualified to give you 'advice,' but at least you can play video games with them. Like, say Scourge: Outbreak, a downloadable co-op shooter coming this summer to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and, Mac? It appears to be an improved version of Tragnarion's The Scourge Project, which was released for PC back in 2010. Reviews were far from glowing back then, so hopefully the extra development time has done it some good. As well as a four-player co-op campaign lasting an estimated six hours, Scourge packs competitive deathmatch, TDM and CTF modes for up to eight. Each of the four characters has different weapons, stats and abilities, as well as their own flashbacks revealing more of the story. Hit up the official site for more.

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