Marvel Heroes MMO officially revealed

We've known about Marvel Heroes for quite a while, but today we're getting our first solid details and even a gameplay video. The free-to-play MMO from Gazillion Entertainment takes notes from dungeon-crawlers, and lets you modify your own version of actual characters from the universe.

The game will allow you to pick from a wide variety of Marvel heroes, from well-known ones like Iron Man and Storm to more obscure picks like Squirrel Girl. Oh yes, Squirrel Girl fans, your day is coming. Then you can construct costumes that pay homage to character histories, choose from superpowers, and find items to further tailor your hero. Your Spider-Man might not be like anyone else's Spider-Man, but that's the glory of comic book multi-verses.

It will feature social areas like Midtown Manhattan and the Xavier Institute, where players can meet up and purchase items. Then you'll head out for missions in locales like Hell's Kitchen and Mutant Town. In short, it seems like a dungeon-crawler with a fresh Marvel coat of paint. The script is being penned by Brian Michael Bendis, who you might recognize from several of the best known Marvel books in the past few years including Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, and Secret Invasion.

"I've been a big Marvel fan for all of my life," said Gazillion president David Brevik. "Marvel Heroes represents the combination of Marvel IP with all of the knowledge and experience I gained creating Diablo. It is a dream come true. I'm excited to unveil Marvel Heroes and share this revolutionary MMO with both gamers and Marvel fans."

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