Conquest gets Kickstarter for RTS sequel

Another Kickstarter project has popped up to revive a classic PC series, and this one is asking for a doozy of a funding goal. A proposed sequel to Conquest: Frontier Wars (subtitled "Vyrium Uprising") is asking for a whopping $675,000 in only 22 days.

The project ends on June 8 at 8:34 EDT (for some reason). Indie start-up PeeZocker Inc claims the game is about 50% done so far, but it still needs to balance the four races, plus create new units, a new interface, and more campaigns. Two of the studio founders, including studio head Eric Peterson, worked on the first game.

So far it's only up to roughly $10,000, making the full $675,000 a lofty goal. In a FAQ, the company says that the first game cost roughly $5 million. "This one is a lot less because we are building upon a working foundation, but that does not diminish the fact that our RTS game is extremely complex," it says. The team suggests that, since it's a small studio, it will outsource some parts to keep costs down.

Check out the pitch trailer below.