FileShack: SOL: Exodus, Defenders of the Last Colony

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FileShack for the week of May 19, 2012 features a demo for SOL: Exodus, an open beta client for Defenders of the Last Colony, and more!

SOL: Exodus demo

BOOM video 12788

Brought to you by Seamless Entertainment, SOL: Exodus is a unique dogfighting action game that "leverages the power of modern graphics technology to deliver epic space battles featuring enormous capital ships, hordes of spacecraft, and beautifully rendered planetary battlegrounds in an action-packed, cinematic presentation reminiscent of TV shows and movies." Watch the trailer above for a better idea of what the gameplay is like, and check out the full demo.

Defenders of the Last Colony open beta

Looking for something more arcade-like? Try out the Defenders of the Last Colony open beta for free by independent developer Knitted Pixels. Pilots must defend their mothership and build defenses in this "twin stick arena shooter" with hints of real-time strategy and tower defense mechanisms.

Two Worlds II Chapter's Edition demo

Adventure through the world of Antaloor in Two Worlds II, a real-time roleplaying game from Reality Pump and Topware Interactive, with highly customizable characters and a fully-explorable world. Download Two Worlds II: Chapter's Edition in either Mac flavor or the Windows flavor. Finding yourself a bit lost? Play the tower defense demo that bridges the gap between Two Worlds and Two Worlds II for Mac or Windows.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Median XL mod

Error 37 ruining your Diablo III playtime this weekend? Try out the Median XL mod by BrotherLaz for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction featuring entirely new skill trees, items, runes, weapons, crafting, and improved AI along with new quests and challenges.

The Mutant Factor for Crysis and Crysis Wars

Influenced by other atmospheric games, The Mutant Factor by McKool is a single player mod for Crysis and Crysis Wars that sees a soldier sent to a North Korean facility as he spins between reality and insanity. FInd a way out before succumbing to complete darkness in the Crysis version or the Crysis Wars version.

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