DICE-run Battlefield 3 console servers return

When developer DICE first made the push to move away from managing any Battlefield 3 servers itself--instead, making a push for community-run, Custom Servers--it caused quite a stir with the game's dedicated community. Some folks found themselves getting booted from Custom Servers more often, or found themselves in matches with ridiculously high kill or ticket count, for example. Players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 discovered that while the official DICE-controlled Battlefield 3 console servers were still there, they had been rented out to players as Custom Servers as well.

Publisher Electronic Arts has apparently been listening to the community's understandably negative feedback about the issue, and has returned the official DICE-run servers to console players today.

"You should see DICE-hosted servers up today," an EA representative told GamesBeat. "I do not have the exact percentage or number of servers, but we'll continue to monitor this to make sure all players are having the best possible gameplay experience."

GamesBeat also reports that they've verified more than 170 official DICE-controlled Battlefield 3 servers across all different game modes are now available for those playing on PlayStation 3. We haven't verified the resurgence of DICE servers for Xbox 360 as well, but we'd expect a similar landscape, starting today.