Spec Ops: The Line demo out on consoles today [Updated]

[Update] 2K Games has confirmed to Shacknews that a PC demo will arrive in June before launch.

A demo is out today on consoles for Spec Ops: The Line, Yager's face-shooting take on Heart of Darkness. However, publisher 2K Games hasn't released one for the PC, or not yet anyway. As Kurtz said, "The horror! The horror!"

The demo packs "portions of two early chapters" from The Line's single-player campaign. It's set in a Dubai ravaged by catastrophic sandstorms, where your soldier man must venture to find the renegade Colonel John Konrad (do you see?) and his rogue battalion.

The Xbox 360 demo is available now for Gold subscribers from the Xbox Live Marketplace and will be opened up to everyone on May 15, while the PlayStation 3 demo will arrive in today's PlayStation Store update. We've dropped 2K a line asking about a PC demo.

Spec Ops: The Line launches on June 26, with pre-order gubbins on offer.

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