Tiny & Big SMURTLE! Steam in June

You may remember a curious little indie tech demo from 2010 named Tiny & Big: Up That Mountain, which featured a delightful dynamic cutting laser and some lovely onomatopoeia. Developer Black Pants has been toiling away on the commercial sequel to the physics-based puzzle-platformer, and announced that Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers will hit Steam for PC and Mac on June 19.

The charming game sends Tiny off into the desert to recover his dear grandfather's pants from his nemesis, Big. Armed with a cutting laser, a grappling rope and rocket boosters, you have to slice, tug and blast obstacles in a sanbox-y sort of way.

The demo of the original Up That Mountain is still available for free if you fancy cutting things up, though do bear in mind that was early days for the series.

The Steam page for Grandpa's Leftovers is already up, though you can't pre-order.

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