Heroes of Newerth 'Mid Wars' mode incoming

Evolution is a slow progress, as demonstrated by the MOBA genre--that's Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or 'DotA clone,' as it's known on the streets. Most early commercial forays into the genre simply recreated the map layout of the initial Warcraft III mod, but Heroes of Newerth is at least putting a twist on that old chestnut. Inspired by an informal mode played by Newerthlings, S2 Games has put together an official 'all-mid' map, stripping it down for a team-fight-o-rama.

The Mid Wars map takes the classic 'Forests of Caldavar' and strips out the two outside lanes, forcing all players to cosy up in the middle lane for a royal rumble. Respawn times are turned off, too, so there's no hanging around. The lane is shortened, too, so matches shouldn't drag on.

"From the high intensity and low stress gameplay, to faster matches and brand new environments, we've been addicted to Mid Wars game mode at the S2 Games offices ever since we started development," S2 said in a dev blog on the Mid Wars mini-site.

Mid Wars is slated to launch next Friday, May 11. Heroes of Newerth switched to free-to-play last year, so all and sundry can give it a go.