Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII unveiled

Mad Catz's plane 'em up Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII has been on the horizon for a while but flying low, as if attempting to dodge radar, but today it soared up to drop a formal announcement with clusters of screenshots and videos. Chocks away and tally ho, chaps!

Coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this summer, Damage Inc. is an arcadey-looking affair running through WWII air operations in the Pacific Theatre from Pearl Harbor onwards. More than twenty campaign and co-op missions are promised, plus several competitive multiplayer modes.

Naturally there'll be a Collector's Edition too, packing a Pacific AV8R FlightStick, exclusive Reaper Corsair plane, and some fancy decals you can stick all over the place. Hit up the official site for more information on that, the game, and all that jazz.

Here's the announcement trailer, though there is another with multiplayer action:

BOOM video 12679