Giant Sparrow signs three game deal with Sony

Sony's investment in thatgamecompany has paid off tremendously. Before the release of flOw, the publisher secured a three game contract with the indie dev, resulting in two more critically and commercially successful projects: Flower and Journey. With thatgamecompany looking beyond just PlayStation for its next project, what is the next studio to receive Sony Santa Monica's nurture and focus?

The answer is Giant Sparrow, whose game The Unfinished Swan was re-announced this morning. The Santa Monica-based studio has also signed a three game contract, in a deal that largely mimics the one created for TGC.

Sony's interest in Giant Sparrow was sparked by the initial concept video for The Unfinished Swan, released over three years ago.

"And I think what I'd heard was that Sony seen that video online and then shortly after called me up and said, 'hey do you want to come over for coffee?' They're like ten miles away from where I was going to school," Giant Sparrow co-founder Ian Dallas told VG247.

Giant Sparrow is still expanding its team, as seen by its recruitment page. For more on The Unfinished Swan, read our preview.